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Laura has developed the use of collagraphy to create beautiful lampshades and designed the floor lamps so they sit on a bespoke wooden base.

The fabrics are a labour of love; they’re all unique and all handmade by Laura.

The fabric has to be ironed and washed several times during the process. The inking and mixing of colours is done by hand. The printing can take several hours and then they can take 7-10 days to dry. Laura then adheres the fabric to the special shade backing makes the lamps herself.

The backing used has been fire tested; the inks used are light fast and wash safe.

She goes to every effort to source and hand select Dorset wood grown as locally as possible. She then hands it over to local wood turner who then turns the wood. She then makes the lamp base up and has them tested.

Laura prides herself on creating a Dorset product, handmade, bespoke and not mass produced. Buying the lamps not only supports Laura, but local sawmills, wood turners and British manufacturers.